WISE Within Local Program

WISE Seattle Mentorship Program:
WISE Within

Local, one-to-one in-person mentorship in Seattle starts March 2024!

The WISE Seattle Mentorship program, WISE Within, is designed to connect women at various stages in their careers and facilitate professional development opportunities.

WISE Next Woman Up - Collegiate Connections. This fall, members of WISE Seattle's mentorship committee will be visiting local college campuses to connect current student-athletes to WISE. We'll share our local and national member benefits, upcoming events, and encourage connections with our members early in their careers for peer-to-peer guidance.

Why Participate?


In-person local program. Provides members an opportunity to build a long-lasting mentoring relationship through 1-1 mentoring sessions and facilitated group activities. 

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Must be a professional-level WISE Seattle member to participate. 


A call for applications has begun see links below!

After applications are submitted, WISE Seattle conducts interviews with each applicant to find out how to best match each mentor-mentee with the best possible mentoring partner.

Mentorship is a collaboration. Mentors often have “been there done that” and can provide knowledge and insights rooted in years of experience. Mentees often bring new perspectives, fresh questions and ideas. Participating in the Mentorship Program is a chance to connect and grow together. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with others, gaining an outside perspective, or developing your skills, consider applying for the program.

Local WISE Seattle Program Details

Participants Requirements and Expectations 

  • Participants accept and agree to the terms set forth by the program agreement
  • Participants enter into a one-to-one mentoring relationship.
  • Mentees will create a short-term individual growth plan, focusing on 1 specific skill they would like to develop, and can reasonably do so within the 6 months of the program. 
  • Mentors will help mentees create an action plan to achieve measurable results in regards to the skill they choose to improve. 
  • Participants attend a series of facilitated, onsite group sessions that are integral elements of the program. These sessions allow for dialogue among the group, giving participants the opportunity to develop additional professional connections, address career issues, discuss challenges and solutions, and share perspectives.

Program Guidelines 

  • Mentoring is a mentee-driven, mentor-guided process.
  • Mentoring is a two-way, active learning exchange.
  • Confidentiality is essential to the success of the partnership.
  • Goals, roles, expectations and time frames are clearly defined at the onset.
  • Mentoring creates an environment of mutual support and sharing among professionals.
  • Mentoring is a reciprocal relationship.
  • Success depends on your level of commitment to the program and to your mentoring partner.


Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Opportunity to give back to women in the industry by guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders.
  • Expand professional networks, including interaction with other mentors and program alumni/ae.
  • Learn the values, expectations and work styles of mid-level professionals.
  • Satisfaction from developing and helping someone else grow and see her succeed in career goals.
  • Broaden your perspective on work-related issues.
  • Enhance your communication and relationship skills.
  • Opportunity to reflect upon and share the successes and challenges of your personal career journey.
  • Receive recognition as a mentor within WISE and the industry.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Learn from someone who has extensive experience in the industry, pitfalls to avoid, ways to gain strategic visibility and how someone else has reached the executive level.
  • Gain new perspectives and strategies on industry, company and professional challenges.
  • Expand professional networks and resource base.
  • Develop a focus and direction congruent with your career goals.
  • Opportunity to explore new ideas and alternatives.

Mentorship Committee Contact Information

Words From Past Participants

Eloise Evans, Sr. Client Services Coordinator, BDA LLC, Mentee

“I think the overall experience and opportunity to connect with people I didn't know / may have never had a way of meeting in normal life and getting their insights and life knowledge. It was really nice to be able to get the opinion of someone who has experienced the same things you are grappling with and even if they haven't they were always willing to listen and help how they could.” 

Angela Sgarlata, Production Manager, ROOT Sports NW, Mentor

“WISE did such a good job pairing me with my mentee. I was so pleased to get matched up with someone who has characteristics I look for when hiring interns or employees. It just made the process more organic and easier to suggest advice. I feel I benefited from my mentee by learning more about D&I and how other companies operate vs. what I know of (i.e. it made it easier to understand where the gaps were and how we could implement changes to what she was looking for in the work place.) It also instilled in me more confidence of my work experiences and that they can be successful not just for me but for others.”

Lisa Caldwell, Program Coordinator, Luum, Mentee

“My favorite part of the program is hands down the resulting relationships I've made, particularly with Dawn. We were able to connect as mentor/mentee so naturally and I see that continuing on as a strong relationship throughout our lives. I also think having the smaller group and opportunities to connect with the other mentors and mentees created great natural starting points for ongoing relationships as well.”

Logan Clements, Freelance Event Producer, Logan Strategy Group, Mentee

"Jen was the voice I needed to hear when I had a frustrating interaction with a teammate for an event, a client, or an organization.  Having her as a sounding board always helped me feel better and she coached me through several big decisions. I’d love to thank the WISE Seattle mentorship team for organizing an amazing inaugural WISE Within class of mentors and mentees. Their attention to detail and the pairings was astounding and I can’t thank them enough for their time and energy during this challenging year."

Who's Eligible

WISE Seattle Mentorship Program is a benefit of membership. You must be a professional level WISE member in good standing through 2024. Membership will be verified. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements to be considered.

Mentee: Early Career

1-5 years of experience

Mentor: Professional

Five or more years of experience

Mentee: Professional

Eight or more years of experience

Mentor: Executive

15 years or more experience (or) currently working at an executive level